Main Door Draw Prize

Brother Trendsetter 2 Sewing Machine

Sponsored by:  Red Deer Sewing Centre

Best in Show

Our judges consider all the first place quilts and choose one for best in show.  A new first place will then be chosen from its category.

$200 Sponsored by:  Purple KATZ Quilting

Functional Quilts

Functional Quilts are defined as quilts you use on a bed quilts; throw quilts or lap quilts.  They are functionally used to keep us warm and enrich our lives.  The perimeter (outside dimensions) of the quilt determine the size category for these quilts.

First Place Large (over 276")

$150 Sponsored by:  Urban Farmhouse

Second Place Large (over 276")

$100 Sponsored by:  The SugarPine Company

First Place Medium (201" - 275")

$150 Sponsored by:  Urban Farmhouse Fabric

Second Place Medium (201" - 275")

$100 Sponsored by:  Hamels Fabrics

First Place Small (under 200")

$150 Sponsored by:  Never Done Quilting

Second Place Small (under 200")

$100 Sponsored by:  The Steam Trunk

Special Categories

Our non-functional quilts are grouped into a few possible categories.

ART Quilts (Any Size)

Art quilts, are 100% the maker's own design.  They must consist of a backing, batting and a top.

$150 Sponsored by:  Fabriculous

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are quilts designed to be hung on the wall.  They can be any size.

$150 Sponsored by:  H.Corinne Hewitt Quilt Patterns & Fabrics

Embroidery Quilts

Quilts that feature hand or machine embroidery techniques.  They can be any size.

$150 Sponsored by:  Quilting From The Heart

Guild Challenge

Challenge yourself and inspire others - must be a guild member to qualify.

$150 Sponsored by:  CAQG Show Committee

Wearable Quilted Items

This category includes vests, jackets, bags and purses.

$100 Sponsored by:  Anonymous

Youth Quilts

This category is for anyone under the age of 16. It is exempt from the non-membership quilt entry fee.

Quilting Process


The quilting is completed by moving the quilt under the needle of the machine, typically accomplished on a domestic or mid-arm sit down machine.

$150 Sponsored by:  Snow Goose quilting


The quilting is completed by moving the machine over the quilt.  Typically accomplished on a long arm machine, but can also be a domestic machine mounted on a frame.

$150 Sponsored by:  Central Sewing Machines Inc.

Hand Quilted

In this category, a significant amount of the quilting was completed by hand.

$150 Sponsored by:  Quilter’s Quarters

Viewer's Choice

The Viewers’ Choice quilt is voted by the Quilt Show Attendees.  The quilt with the greatest number of ballots is the winner.  The winner of the ribbon is invited to post a picture of their quilt on the CQA website and to enter the quilt for display at the Guild Rosette Invitational Show at Quilt Canada.  

CQA Rosette Ribbon:  Canadian Quilter's Guild

JUDGES' Choice

The Judges favourite chosen from all categories 

$100 Sponsored by:  Carola’s Quilt Shop